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CRESTWOOD AUTO AUCTION of Crestwood, IL We provide affordable-reliable vehicles to customers. You do not have to be a dealer to attend our facility. As a customer looking for a reliable transportation is all the motivation you will need to buy a vehicle at Crestwood Auto Auction. We provide warranties and financing to our customers who choose to purchase from us. Good or bad credit is no problem either. We help each and every individual on their terms to be able to purchase a vehicle no matter what their credit score. Your Job is your Credit here at Crestwood Auto Auction. WHY PAY MORE FOR A CAR? BUY LIKE A DEALER AND SAVE BIG, GET MORE, AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! CALL TODAY! 708-389-1000 OPEN 6-DAYS A WEEK

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14106 S Cicero Ave
Crestwood, IL 60445

(708) 389-1000